National Conciliation and Mediation Board

Regional Branch No. 5

28 January 2019


“Life is all about balance, and there are certain times of the year – birthday, anniversary, holidays – that are meant to be enjoyed without guilt. That being said, Thanksgiving is a MEAL – it’s not a Thanksgiving Day, and it’s not a Thanksgiving Week.”

By Harley Pasternak


The National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) marked its 31st anniversary on 04 January 2019 with the theme “NCMB sa Sangandaan: Patuloy na itinataguyod and pang-industriyang kapayapaan.”

Aside from the celebration at the head office, all regional branches observed the occasion through various activities.

“In region 5, I have enjoined my staff to celebrate it no matter how simple yet meaningful and fitting the activity may be.  As all the regional directors were in the central office for a meeting at that time, I instructed my personnel to fit the activity with the theme.  While it is true that the NCMB was in several occasions put in a situation wherein we were on the crossroads but still we continue to promote industrial peace.  We never waver in our efforts to always offer conciliation and mediation as the best option to achieve harmonious relationship in the industry,” said Regional Branch Director Reynaldo Foncardas.

“The activities in region 5 depicted the development of the Board through its 31 years despite the hurdles and changes in leadership.  Even in crossroads, we continue to meet the challenges in the labor front to sustain industrial peace,” Director Foncardas continued.

The Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch (RCMB)-5 initiated the celebration with a thanksgiving mass.  Administrative Officer IV-in-charge Roslyn Borcelis highlighted the activity with various documentation conducted for the purpose.  “We have posted, as a milestone, pictures of RCMB5 directors or officers-in-charge who were previously assigned in this branch including our current director.  In this way, we are continually acknowledging their achievements and contribution to the peaceful situation prevailing in the labor front.  Likewise, the activities conducted during the anniversary were posted in the official social media account of the branch,” Borcelis said.

During the simple program conducted for the purpose, Supervising Labor and Employment Officer Josephine Amaranto gave a brief account of the accomplishments of the Branch for the past 31 years, “Being with RCMB5 for 25 years now and handling the technical unit, I am abreast with the achievements of the branch and I can say that we have achieved much in terms of industrial peace.  But this should not make us complacent.  We have to continue to promote conciliation and mediation of labor disputes in order for us to focus on our vision of making NCMB the center of excellence in enhancing harmonious relationship in every workplace.”

LEO III Hazel Caroche, in a short message, thanked and congratulated all personnel including stakeholders and social partners for the hundred percent cooperation and support to the activities and programs of the Branch thereby enabling it to accomplish its goals. – fin


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