National Conciliation and Mediation Board

Regional Branch No. 5

28 January 2019


“You can only understand people if you feel them in yourself.” – John Steinbeck

Single-Entry Assistance Desk Officer (SEADO) and Supervising Labor and Employment Officer (SupLEO) Josephine Amaranto of the Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch (RCMB)-5 narrated that on 07 January 2018 a worker of a security agency sought the assistance of the Branch through its Single-Entry Approach (SEnA) program for the payment of his overtime pay, night shift differential and holiday pay.  He worked at the company for one and a half months from November to December 2018.

“During the initial conference set on the following day, the management representatives of the security agency requested for the resetting of the meeting inasmuch as according to them, the owner is out of the country and will be back only on January 20.  So, during the January 21 conference, the owner explained regarding their contract with their clients.  He appealed to the complainant about his money claims.  After some negotiations, both parties agreed to a financial assistance of P6,000.00 to cover the claim of the requesting party,” recounted SupLEO Amaranto.

“While the parties were busy appealing to each other to arrive at an agreement, I came to realize that empathy to one another played an important role in bringing about the early settlement of the case with just one conference.  There was no hard feelings nor indifference between the two.  Each one was trying to understand each other’s plight.  The management on the one hand tried to reach out to the worker and the worker on the other hand, in his humble origins, sympathized with his superior.  One can feel the rapport in the atmosphere of the conference,” continued SupLEO Amaranto.

The case was considered settled and dropped in the calendar of cases of the Branch after the touching scene in the settlement of the case. – fin

Prepared by:                                                             APPROVED FOR RELEASE:

EFLEDA A. HOURANI                                            REYNALDO S. FONCARDAS

Senior LEO/LIO-designate                                     Regional Branch Director