National Conciliation and Mediation Board

Regional Branch No. 5

18 July 2017

Legazpi City – At the invitation of the two corporations, on July 18, 2017, the team from the Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch (RCMB)-5 composed of Senior Labor and Employment Officer (SrLEO) Efleda Hourani, Supervising LEO (SupLEO) Josephine Amaranto and Regional Branch Director Reynaldo Foncardas proceeded to the mine site of Masbate Gold Project at Puro, Aroroy, Masbate, to conduct enhancement workshop for the officers and some members of the non-supervisory level Employee Engagement Committee (EEC) of Filminera Resources Corporation (FRC) and Philippine Gold Processing and Refining Corporation (PGPRC).

The EEC is the implementing arm of the Labor and Management Cooperation (LMC) program of the two corporations.  Primarily, the reason for establishing the EEC is for employees and management to have a venue for exchanging ideas and opinions, discuss matters of mutual concern and information about the companies’ plans and status reports.  One of the objectives of the EEC is to nurture a culture of trust and open discussion between employees and management in order to promote a safe and informed work environment and develop mutual trust in the process.  It aims also to create a harmonious working relationship to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

The purpose of the workshop is to enhance the EEC/LMC program of FRC and PGPRC to make it more responsive and cooperative in order to accomplish certain goals and thus contribute to the success of the establishments.

SrLEO Hourani discussed the topic “Communication” as an effective tool in the EEC process.

SupLEO Amaranto talked about “Consensus” wherein she emphasized that in arriving at an agreement, all members are willing to accept the decision or alternative as the best solution for the group at that time of discussion.

Director Foncardas facilitated the workshop wherein the participants were grouped into four and each was given a sub-committee to make an action plan for.  The identified sub-committees were Safety and Health; Sports, Recreation & Social Activities; Awards & Recognition; and Issues and Concerns.

Upon presentation of the group outputs, questions were raised regarding the implementation of some of the activities.  These were all recognized and addressed.

After the activity, an exit conference with PGPRC president Ray Mead, FRC OIC Pete Remoto and HR Manager Leah Bonilla was conducted at the General Office.  Here, the management expressed their appreciation for the intervention of NCMB in facilitating the enhancement workshop.  They assured that whatever issues and concerns raised during the activity will be addressed accordingly.

HR Manager Bonilla said, “The impression of the officers and members of the EEC – non-supervisory level is positive.  They acknowledged the efforts of the regional branch of NCMB in greatly improving their workplace interrelationship.  We look forward to another insightful interaction with them.”


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