National Conciliation and Mediation Board

Regional Branch No. 5

29 September 2017


Legazpi City – In celebration of the 117th anniversary of the Philippine Civil Service, regional branch 5 of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) has lined up activities for the month of September 2017 to manifest its support to the nationwide festivities by the Civil Service Commission (CSC).

“Guided by this year’s theme: Tugon sa Hamon ng Pagbabago: Malasakit ng Lingkod Bayani, the Branch had actively taken part in the anniversary celebration starting with the opening program on September 1,” said NCMB Regional Branch Director Reynaldo Foncardas.  “The Zumba Fitness Fundraiser for the Pamanang Lingkod Bayani (PLB) held at the Bicol University Grounds kicked off the anniversary celebration in the Region.  The activity also coincided with the National Crime Prevention Week Opening Program wherein we signed the Statement of Support affirming our commitment to participate and volunteer in the crime prevention programs and projects of the government to promote peace and order.  We can correlate this with our agency’s pledge to promote and maintain just and stable peace in the industry or the workplaces in private establishments through our mandate of conciliation and mediation.  So, it’s really a continuation of our program.  We also commit to ensure public safety and strengthen local government’s capability in the effective delivery of basic services to the citizenry.”

“Personally, I think we are on the right path of trekking the change in the bureaucracy.  Change is essential for the survival and growth of our country.  As this year’s theme suggests, this is our answer to the challenge of change: our care or empathy to the general public we commit to serve.  We must provide service to our clients with utmost dedication, coupled with honesty, fairness and speedy action,” added Director Foncardas.

The Branch conducted a team-bonding activity as a way of celebrating the anniversary.  There were various games, song and dance activities and healthy lifestyle learnings inculcated from the simple get-together cum team enhancement exercise.

Before the action-packed bustle commenced, Administrative Officer IV Hazel Caroche gave first a talk on CSC updates and other administrative as well as personnel matters in the form of a power-point presentation.  After which a casual discussion on the topics ensued.  Everyone had a field day expressing their opinion about the various topics discussed by AO4 Caroche.

“The open forum that followed the talk on CSC memorandum circulars was like a relaxed conversation among friends or relatives,” said NCMB Supervising Labor and Employment Officer (SupLEO) Josephine Amaranto.  “The discussions were refreshing because there was no distinction whether one is a director or a janitor because everyone wants to say something and everyone else listened.”

Senior LEO Efleda Hourani commented in describing the novel experience, “it was like a breath of fresh air like no other.  Aside from the fact that the venue is very conducive to the event, very cool and peaceful, it was the first time that everyone contributed to the conversation, like we were just at home discussing with family or close acquaintances.”

Multi-position Rolando Jetajobe who is the Records Officer as well as the Supply Officer designate of the Branch, among other jobs, has this to say about the event.  “With this activity, whatever qualms or reservations we feel from each co-employee and senior management are all blown away.  We were able to get rid of our uncertainties because of the bonding moments and the free-for-all give-and-take expression of our ideas and beliefs.   Aside from this, the all-out singing and dancing as part of the activity in order to release our hang-ups and tension greatly helped in releasing the strains of misgivings or doubts that may have invaded our very being as civil servants.”

“Singing at the top of our voices without care whether we are out of tune or dancing with all the grace and strength we could muster even if we are out of step, in many ways made us realize that we should not be ashamed of our  frailties because we are accepted.  We care and understand each other even if sometimes there are humps and bumps in our relationship.  For most days of the week we deal with each other, we work together.  But because of this activity, we became closer.  We now understand the perks and peculiarities of each one of us,” Jetajobe continued.

For driver-designate Administrative Aide II Ronnie Espinosa who introduced himself as the pilot of the branch expressed his happiness, in the local dialect with Visayan accent, that he was able to join even if the rains were pouring hard because he became closer to everyone.  “I feel I belong. It feels so right to be with wonderful people around.”

“With this activity, I am confident we will go back to our work as public servants with the realization that serving our clients is not just a task to deliver in consideration of the remuneration we will receive but because we love our work and we love serving our clients. Meron tayong malasakit,” ended Director Foncardas.


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Regional Branch Director