National Conciliation and Mediation Board

Regional Branch No. 5

31 January 2018


Legazpi City – It was an emotion-filled day for the employees of the Regional Conciliation and Mediation Branch 5 during the celebration to honour two retirees, Wilson Joson and Rolando Jetajobe.

“It is just fitting to give them honour for the invaluable service they have contributed to this Office,” said Regional Branch Director Reynaldo Foncardas.  “Though I am new here in this Branch and I had been with them for a short period of time but still I can see that it is but proper to give them appropriate send-off party to honour the precious times they have rendered in the service for the regional clients and co-workers as well.”

Wilson Joson who just turned 60 this January 1 plans to enjoy his retirement.  He is familiarly called “Sōn” or “Manoy”.

While Rolando Jetajobe, or “Roland” or “Jay” or “RJ” or “Kuya” for most of his co-workers, who is still four years shy of optional retirement age wants to venture into other business opportunities in their home place in Sorsogon City to be nearer his family.

Administrative Officer IV Hazel Caroche, in roasting the honourees said, “When I first worked in this Office, they were already here in RCMB5.  But just like other organizations or groups, it’s normal to have differing opinions and level of appreciation of things.  We’ve been through that but despite our differences I feel sad that we will be parting ways now.   Nakakaiyak din pala na kahit lagi akong makulit sainyong lahat, it hurts my feelings that Manoy and Kuya have to go in order to pursue their respective personal mandates in life.”

Here’s what Supervising Labor and Employment Officer Josephine Amaranto has to say, “Manoy once told me that instead of being a mentor to him, I am more of a tormentor.  I don’t take it against him because I know that he knows I am doing what is best for the office.  I can also depend on him to cite any labour law provision applicable to cases docketed in our office since he is also a graduate of Bachelor of Laws.  As for Jay, I will also miss him because he is a good lecturer.  We’ve been to many seminars and plant visits before and I can see he’s very good at lecturing on NCMB programs.  He is also artistic who did all the layouts, decorations and plotting of bulletins in the office.  I wish them luck in their endeavours and I know they will go a long way.”

“As for me,” intoned Roslyn Borcelis, “I can very well remember Manoy when I was new here in this Office because he was the one who most welcomed me in this Office.  He was solicitous over my comfort considering that I am in a new working environment.  As for Kuya RJ, I cannot forget his being meticulous in his work.  Whenever I ask for records or documents, he can readily produce the same.  He is also very good at records keeping and performs his work to the best of his ability.”

Gloria Cope said, “I am the one here who spent the highest number of years with the two retirees, I, being one of the pioneers of the Branch.  What I can say about the two retirees is that they are both a gentleman and industrious workers.  I wish them good luck and that God bless them always.”

The Branch Office employees were filled with mixed sentiments when it was time for Ronnie Espinosa to give honour to the two retirees.  With tears nearly brimming in his eyes, Ronnie expressed his gratitude to the two men who figured most in his life at the Branch.  He was thankful to them both for being instrumental in making him a part of the RCMB5 team.  “Masakit sa loob ko na kayong dalawang lalaki, sabay kayong iiwanan ako ditong mag-isa.  Pero naiintindihan ko kaya magpapasalamat na lang ako sa mga oras na tayo’y magkakasama,” uttered Ronnie who made everyone in the room wipe their eyes because of controlled emotions.

Josefino Baldon has this to say to Wilson, “I thank you for the free snacks and coffee.  I will miss the freebies and of course your goodness.”

Rachele Azurin meanwhile has this to say to Roland, “I thank you, Kuya, for the advices especially concerning our work.  I am grateful that you taught me everything I have to know about the functions I have to perform in this Branch.”

In reply, the two retirees thanked everyone for the uplifting efforts to honour them in a ceremony especially held for them.  They also thanked for the meaningful celebration and tokens of appreciation.  They said they both feel special being recognized for all the years of service they have rendered in the Branch and gratitude of togetherness eight hours a day, five days a week for several years.

Former OIC Director Atty. Jovit Morando gave a heart-warming message to the two retirees via voice messaging.  He was grateful for the warmth of welcome and cooperation from the two retirees during his short stint in the Branch.


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EFLEDA A. HOURANI                                 REYNALDO S. FONCARDAS

Senior LEO/LIO-designate                              Regional Branch Director