National Conciliation and Mediation Board

Regional Branch No.5

26 February 2018


Every workers and clients have certain expectations in a workplace. They usually wish for a workplace that is comfortable and conducive that will contribute to their functions.

Office facilities do not only facilitate accomplishment of work and tasks, but they do have the potential of improving and contributing towards the provision of best working environment. Office spaces serve the role of being the place and environment where people work, research, form, generate ideas and record information. It also facilitate the provision of a workplace and working environment for information and knowledge processing activities.

With its new Regional Director, Mr. Reynaldo S. Foncardas of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) Regional Branch V (RBV) takes its office to a new level, not only with its programs and activities but also with its facilities.  Last May 2017, NCMB RBV office started renovating its office by putting up new facilities for a conducive environment. It has already a wide sala that will give aesthetic ambiance to visitors and clients as well as receiving area. The comfort rooms were already repaired to provide a safe, clean and germ free environment for everyone working in the office. The reason for this is that healthy employees work better in office. Wide tables were also given to each personnel so that they can focus and work properly during the critical eight (8) working hours. It allows employees to concentrate better. Office lighting quality is so important for it can directly affect work performance and productivity as it strains workers’ eyes. So with the appropriate office illumination of the NCMB office, workers will become more productive as well.  Also new units of air conditioners were installed to give them more comfort and for proper ventilation. As per Regional Director Foncardas, “maintaining the cleanliness of the office leaves an impression that the office is well run”. “Also a clean and orderly working environment elicits respect from clients.”

From the old office facilities, these new facilities help to guarantee that their workplace and workspaces are maximized for productivity. It will also contribute to greater concentration, creativity and motivation for workers to have good performance.

Thus, having such good facilities will not only attract workers but also visitor and clients. By providing them quality service shows that the office is running and working effectively and that the workers are working efficiently.



Prepared by:



Senior LEO/LIO-designate






Regional Branch Director