National Conciliation and Mediation Board

Regional Branch No. 5

24 April 2018


The officers and members of the board of trustees of the Labor and Management Industrial Peace Advocates (LAMIPA) – Bicol and the Organization of Grievance Machinery Advocates (OGMA) called a special meeting for the purpose of threshing out the issues raised during the last meeting held at the Hotel St. Ellis, Legazpi City last March 7, 2018.

The special meeting was held on April 20, 2018 at the plant site of Energy Development Corporation (EDC), BacMan Geothermal Business Unit (BGBU), Palayan-Bayan, Manito, Albay.  As advocates of Labor and Management Cooperation (LMC) one of the objectives of the meeting is to benchmark the LMC best practices for industrial peace of EDC-BGBU.  Before the meeting started, the participants were regaled by the stories and presentations on best practices of the company.  There was first an orientation on safety and security.  The group was upped on the progress in the community with regards to environmental protection, compliance with government laws on waste management and health standards.  They were also warned and made aware of the hazards of hydrogen sulphide, H2S.  It can be gleaned that the company boasts of being the largest renewable energy producer in the world with concessions in nearby Southeast Asian nations.  Community programs are being practised as regards its sustainability, BINHI program and watershed.  Sustainability is promoted as a way of life in safeguarding the community for the future generation that have to be nurtured with the “green” portfolio.  “BINHI” program is summed up in the slogan “Let the future take its root.”  The four crucial purposes of “TREE” in their program are: (1) Tree for food; (2) Tree for life; (3) Tree for the future; and (4) Tree for leisure.

The combined four LMC committees of the company is named “BGBU Employee Relations Council” or BERC for brevity.  It is geared towards the promotion of Health Education, Livelihood and Environment.

It is worth mentioning that there are five unions at EDC-BGBU; two from the professional and technical group, two from the supervisory group and one rank and file union.  This is so because there are two companies in the BGBU, the EDC and the BacMan Geothermal Incorporated (BGI).

The company Human Resource Manager, Hazel Conda made mention of the good relationship of management and employees considering that the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiation lasts only a day or two and everything’s agreed upon by both parties.  They believed that open communication is the key to the easy and immediate signing of their CBAs and why they have a good relationship.  Everyone is informed and the employees are encouraged to participate in the decision-making processes of the company.  Everyone believes that they should work with each other and not against each other.  They are not enemies; instead they are partners in the growth and success of the company.  Focus instead on productivity, partnership and employees welfare.

After the meeting, the group was toured around the plant’s vast area where all were awed with the enormity of the company’s renewable energy production.


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EFLEDA A. HOURANI                                              REYNALDO S. FONCARDAS

Senior LEO/LIO-designate                                      Regional Branch Director