National Conciliation and Mediation Board

Regional Branch No. 5

31 July 2018


Legazpi City – After four long months of hurdling the rigors of the selection process conducted by the Regional Promotions and Selection Board (RPSB) of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board, Regional Branch 5, (NCMB-RB5) Hazel Gillego Caroche finally bagged the Labor and Employment Officer (LEO)-III position.

Mrs Caroche is a bachelor’s degree holder in Accountancy which she finished at Aquinas University of Legazpi, now University of Sto. Tomas-Legazpi.  She has also earned units in graduate studies mastering Public Administration at Bicol University.

Prior to her stint at NCMB-RB5, she was employed at the Department of Education as Bookkeeper of Banquerohan Elementary School.  In 2013, she tried her luck in applying at NCMB-RB5 and was fortunate to be taken in, and was thus promoted as Administrative Officer III, handling the financial unit of the Branch.  After which, she was promoted to Administrative Officer IV (AO4).

As AO4 of the Branch, she was requested and thus obliged, to retain her former designation as Accountant because there is no other employee who can do it as efficiently and as fastidiously as she can.  She became so adept at handling the Books of Accounts of the Branch that the designation stuck to her whenever or wherever her position gets her to.

From time to time she assists the technical staff in the various activities in promoting the Board’s programs and services.  She is a dedicated worker who can multi-task at any given time.  She can be depended upon in her work and other co-workers rely on her for any help in their respective functions.  She is like a mother to her younger co-workers and new entrants whom they can run to for advice and sometimes financially and at other times even in sharing of ideas and even meals.  She is also trustworthy.  These were the traits that endeared her to the RSPB members to unanimously choose her for the position of LEO III.


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EFLEDA A. HOURANI                                           REYNALDO S. FONCARDAS

Senior LEO/LIO-designate                                  Regional Branch Director