National Conciliation and Mediation Board
Regional Branch No. V
August 17, 2018


Legazpi City- Shirley M. Pascual, Executive Director IV of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board arrived at Legazpi City on August 1, 2018 for the purpose of monitoring the board’s programs and activities that was being implemented. She had a talk with officers and staffs headed by Regional Branch Director Reynaldo S. Foncardas and discuss developments and coordination with social partners and companies on matters relative to the prevention and settlement of labor disputes.
During her visit, Director Pascual met with the personnel of the branch. Director Foncardas introduced everyone to her especially those who met her for the first time. All were excited and glad to meet Director Pascual even joined her over a simple gathering where casual talks and conversation happened. They apprised her about the line up of activities for her visit including the office blessing, meeting with the officers and members of the board of LAMIPA & OGMA and the highlight of her visit is the Area Wide Seminar that will be conducted by the branch on the following day.

On her second day, Director Pascual attended the mass and office blessings held at the RCMB-5 office celebrated by most Rev. Msgr. Nong de los Santos. “The importance of the mass offering and office blessing posture us correctly before God and others”, Director Foncardas said. He further said that prayer is very powerful because it tells the truth about who we are as people and as servants of God and this would guide us to attain humility over our interactions with our co-workers and other people.
In the afternoon of August 2, 2018, Director Pascual had a dialogue with LAMIPA & OGMA officers and members of the board of trustees. During the meeting, LAMIPA President, Dante Encinas presented a PowerPoint presentation of their accomplishments as well as reports of the activities for this year. Director Pascual took also the chance to meet and greet all the members and to know their plans and projects on the succeeding months. She asked the organizations if they are active in Philippine League of Labor- Management Cooperation Practitioners, Inc. (PHILAMCOP) since PHILAMCOP is the national umbrella of Labor Management Cooperation (LMC). Director Pascual also asked Director Foncardas if how region 5 is being represented in PHILAMCOP. She mentioned also that programs of the association/companies with LMC should be enhanced. “It is through communication that you will strengthen your relationship”, Director Pascual said.
Other concerns and issues regarding companies and unions were raised during the dialogue. Jerome Cerio representing the employee’s union of the USI-HSD/ Mother Seton Hospital said that as part of the labor sector, he always talks to the management. “But there are company rules that are not aligned with the CBA, he said.” Thus, in case of conflict, he always asked for assistance in the NCMB mentioning that Director Foncardas resolves more cases in the region V. Mr. Dante Encinas, LAMIPA President of SORECO 2 also posed an issue regarding the interpretation of management in the CBA and the compulsory retirement age. The union representative from CASURECO, Ms. Salome Flotildes also raised their concern regarding the “basis of computation of separation pay” which is based on the engagement/probationary or from the time they were hired as learner/emergency employee applying it to all employees.
Hearing all the concerns and issues raised by the unions, Director Pascual suggested to come up with an assessment with all the reports and to coordinate with the DOLE to have a joint session. She added that membership of the organization must be increased, requesting the regional branch office to conduct seminars and trainings in the region. Director Foncardas assured that NCMB will help and give assistance to them in any possible ways to address their issues and concerns regarding labor relations.
A well spent day for Director Pascual, she thanked Director Focardas and the rest of the RCMB-5 staff for giving her the opportunity to meet them and look forward for the improvement and success of its programs and activities. She appreciates the time, effort and thoughtfulness of the RCMB-5 –contributed by Jennifer Mae A. Novela

Senior LEO/Cashier-designate Regional Branch Director