National Conciliation and Mediation Board

Regional Branch No. V

September 27, 2018


Legazpi City – A carpenter who sought the intervention of the regional branch through its Single Entry Approach (SEnA) program gets financial assistance and SSS payments from his former employer who contracted out his services when the company was still in its initial stages of building the establishment.

The company is involved in hosting of seminars, conferences, wedding receptions, birthday parties, family reunions, church benefits and other events with more or less seven employees.

The carpenter alleged that he worked at the company since 1999 but during the initial and final conference, the responding party informed that the company started only in 2013 and the requesting party worked as carpenter of their sisters, brothers or other relatives during the construction of their respective houses.


As to the payment of SSS, the carpenter admitted that he is paying as self-employed but there was a time that the responding party paid his SSS.  He requested for P60,000.00 financial assistance.


After some negotiations, the parties agreed to a P20,000.00 financial assistance that was voluntarily received by the requesting party thereby dropping and settling the case from the calendar of the Branch.  The case was facilitated by SEnA Desk Officer Josephine Amaranto.-fin.


PREPARED BY:                                              APPROVED FOR RELEASE:


EFLEDA A. HOURANI                                           REYNALDO S. FONCARDAS

Senior LEO/LIO-designate                                      Regional Branch Director