National Conciliation and Mediation Board V

Regional Branch No. V

OCTOBER 26, 2018


On the 5th of October 2018, The CASURECO II UNION OF SUPERVISORY EMPLOYEES (CAUSE) Conducted a training seminar entitled: Basic Leadership training and recent policy on dispute settlement. The said event was held at Jamora hall, Villa Caceres Hotel. It was attended by different power cooperatives union regionwide. The sole purpose of the said event was to level up the working standard of organization to global elevation and introduce them to the recent dispute settlements.

After a successful technical assitance thru mediation-conciliation requested by CAUSE, Regional Director Reynaldo Foncardas was invited to be one of speakers, Director Bong discussed Recent policy on dispute settlement. As the director start his presentation he introduce how NCMB was established thru legal and constitutional basis. And as follows, this topics where discussed with emphasis:

  • State Policies Article 211 : Labor Code
  • Programs of National Conciliation and Mediation Board
  1. Conciliation – Mediation
  2. Labor Management Cooperation
  3. Voluntary Arbitration
  • Goals and Benefits of Conciliation – Mediation
  • Modes of Dispute Settlement
  • Shifting mindset to practical and efficient modes
  • Single Entry Approach (Sena)


As discussed, Conciliation is more of relaying the message between parties, while mediaton is creating formulas to solve disputes. With Conciliation Mediation there is fuller opportunity for the parties’ to express themselves and communicate their views, both to the mediator and each other. The share of responsibility between the labor and management is a vital point to a harmonious relationship as stated by director bong. If the business is productive and the work force are happy, disputes has a low probability and security of tenure is guaranteed. During the  open forum, some of the labor union asked questions, One in particular is a newly elected Union President, He asked If they can already start collecting membership fee since the former union was replaced by a new one. The Director answered that they can already start collecting fees because it is needed by the union provided that the members will agree and they know where the said membership fee wil be used.

It was thruly enlighting to know that there are Developmental and Cooperative Problem-Solving Approach in labor disputes thru the efforts of our government. This Ideology was successfully delivered in the said event by Director Bong.



Prepared by:                                                                APPROVED FOR RELEASE

REY KELLY L. LARCE                                            REYNALDO S. FONCARDAS

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